“…sometimes it seems darkness is all that is left.” ~archie



Imagine if you will, a place of total darkness… Now strike a match!
The light of the world is revealed.  How long will you carry the match
and never strike it?

In the beginning there was darkness. The earth was void. God brought
light to dispel the darkness. God created man and placed him in a
world that is naturally dark. Light was created to dispel this

Sometimes…. darkness seems to overtake the light… it is again in
this darkness that God created the light of the world in a man name
Jesus. Today… Jesus is the light that dispels the darkness, but we
have a responsibility to call on the light of Jesus. Too often we in
arrogant boldness try to create the light…

It is in this darkness we become trapped….

There is but one creator.  He has created light, but we must choose
the light.  Without the light, there is only darkness.  Nothing good
will come of the darkness.  Ultimately, the darkness will bring death.

For some the death will come early.

The truth is that God created light to dispel darkness.  There is but
one way out of the darkness.  His name is Jesus.

Choose to strike the match!



Black water traces its way on the ground, pools and swirls until
darkness surrounds but cry out.  Come save me now….

Lonely sorrow in the dusty mind, the traveler on the road, pick up
those 6 strings and play.  Come find the weary heart today… Carry
the sorrow,  Make a stand, Lend a shoulder, to understand, there is a
way….there is a way

Pick up your feet on this dusty road of lifes troubled
consequences…rule the dusk and dawn of all things in life. You will
make ammends.  Lay down the gun,  needles, suicide, depression and the
like.  It’s going to be a long journey through the black water

Carry me!  Through the dark water of life..  Carry me!  No more
dragging in the strife.. Carry me home tonight…I’m tired of this
pain… Fuck it all or forget it well, I’m living through this tonight

Shadows come through misty gray mornings so dark, down to the old pool
I start but damn that water….Its so cold inside my heart.  Lend me a
boat alright, let me rule that water and sing.  Carry me over the dark
water moat.  Don’t let that poison touch me again.  I don’t give a
damn what you say I can’t do.  I’m crossing this today.

You don’t have to  carry me!  No, I’m walking now.  Don’t carry me!  I
am learning how.  Don’t carry me!  I have found the way to walk on
that black water and leave it all today!  Blessid soul, dark no more,
not weary or afraid.  Blessid heart and mind of God is where I am to
stay.  Holy one am I my friends and no one can hold me down. I’ll rise
up on that black water and soar above the clouds.

BY Jacob Heynen

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About 37stories

It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".
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